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About Casentric

The Industry

Personal injury is complex. No one case is like another and can involve many different aspects of medical treatment, therapies, pain and suffering and lost wages. Insurance companies pay billions per year in settlements for bodily injury claims and often times don’t have the capability to know whether these payments are accurate.

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Our Launch

Casentric was launched in response to insurers’ frustration with their inability to control expenses in an increasingly complex environment.

CaseXpert®, our proprietary enterprise web-based software application, addresses these issues with a consistent, data-driven methodology that incorporates employee discretion in determining the value of a claim.



Our co-founders have over 35 years in the insurance industry and have watched insurers struggle with:


-Rapidly increasing medical costs and complexity

-Decades-old processes

-Lack of meaningful, useful data to manage claims

-Aging, non-tech savvy workforce

-Applications that remove employee judgment and degrade skills


We’re customer driven and tackling these challenges to help improve performance.

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