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Our Team

Mission and Vision

We work with our customers to devise intelligent software solutions that give them competitive advantages. We are dedicated to developing state-of-the-art, engaging, and easy-to-use claims software that promotes operational excellence to solve common problems. Our technology operates as a standalone product as well as an integration with existing software infrastructure.

Executive Team

Jim Kaiser, Founder and CEO

Jim Kaiser

Jim brings more than 20 years of experience in the claims industry to Casentric. At these organizations, Jim developed claims technology and advised insurance executives on ways to improve claims.

Steve Washington, Co-Founder and COO

Steve Washington

Steve has a background in law, government and insurance. After working in New York City government, he practiced law at internationally reputable firms in New York City and Cleveland, Ohio.

Company History

While working at claims organizations, Jim grew dissatisfied with existing technologies, which inhibit adjusters from understanding claims handling. He decided to create a better product that would simplify the investigation, evaluation and negotiation of personal injury and property claims. The result is an intuitive application that is easy to implement and provides immediate insight for improvement. Casentric was founded in 2010, when Jim and Steve joined forces to develop CaseXpert®.