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CaseXpert® Solutions
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Enhance Current Efforts

CaseXpert® is an adaptable technology that can be integrated into your current systems. Users can configure CaseXpert® to support their own best practices and a company’s history becomes the basis for updates that eliminate delays and inaccuracies in settlements.

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Improve Accuracy

Other insurance industry applications, which simply “give” an answer, stand in the way of developing great adjusters. CaseXpert’s® transparent, customizable design complements current claims systems while empowering employees to extract and utilize key insights and analysis.


Increase Efficiency

CaseXpert® reduces the time needed to review and resolve a claim by combining the work documenting your investigation with evaluating your claim, utilizing “drill down” reporting to find the cases most in need of attention and elimination unnecessary work by identifying when investigators are complete.

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Reduce Litigation Expense

Users can avoid cases that are under-valued and drive litigation by ensuring a balanced review has been completed, direct litigation by focusing on needed evidence and review defense counsel effectiveness adding evidence that impacts resolution.


Improve Reserving

Continuously updating of values provides guidance for proper reserving on each case and for enterprise-level reserve analysis.

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Develop Adjuster Skill

We know your team is your single greatest resource. Now you can help improve your team members’ skills and give them tools and insights to be even more successful. CaseXpert® trains adjusters to effectively incorporate more information when evaluating and settling claims.