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Helping property and casualty insurance companies more accurately evaluate personal injury claims.


Customizable to fit your goals as an all-in-one integrated application


Cases settled with comparative negligence increased dramaticaly using CaseXpert®


CaseExpert® provides game-changing data-driven insights via case overviews.

Practice Areas

Build Consistency

Build consistent and complete evaluations that reduce variance

Eliminate Risk

Eliminate unnecessary investigation by knowing when investigations are complete

Seamless Evaluation

Seamlessly combine investigation and evaluation

Successful Negotiation

Conduct more collaborative and successfull negotiations

Resolution Skills

Improve adjuster investigation and resolution skills

Founding Team

20 plus years of experience in the claims industry.

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Jim Kaiser

Co-Founder / CEO

Worked at international law firms in NYC and Cleveland.

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Steve Washington

Co-Founder / COO

Why CaseXpert®

Putting information to work for you.

Save Time and Improve Accuracy

CaseXpert® saves time and improves the accuracy and efficiency of case resolution by combining investigation, documentation, evaluation, and negotiation in one simple, intuitive application.

Insurance Adjusting Abililty Enhanced

It enhances insurance adjusters' ability to gather and use information to evaluate a claim, as well as efficiently negotiate a resolution.

Insight and Technology

The technology, which can be used comprehnsively or in individual modules, provides valuable insights through its robust reporting and analysis features.

Casentric News

Evaluation by the Numbers

April 7th, 2016// By: CaseXpert

Understanding pain and suffering and medical costs depends heavily on understanding patient assessments. Too often, adjusters and managers make the mistake of looking at the medical records only at the level of what they include. There is often a large...

Medical inflation is expected to increase over the next 5 years

Soft Tissue by the Numbers

February 25th, 2016// By: CaseXpert

The opportunity in soft tissue claims is frequently buried underneath the more exceptional cases. Let's face it, a strain and sprain to the neck is not as exciting as a recommendation for neck surgery. And this is precisely why soft...

5 Steps to Profitable Risk Taking

February 21st, 2016// By: CaseXpert

The really bad thing about risks is that they almost never happen. So why would that be bad? Because risk aversion is responsible for so much lost opportunity. Risk aversion allows us to shoot down ideas faster than we build them...

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