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Casentric has a new service! CaseXpert® Injury Support™

We’ve noticed that most insurers’ injury adjusters struggle to keep up. They are challenged to find uninterrupted time to organize, research and prepare cases for settlement due to:

  1. Increased regulatory and legal compliance requirements, greater medical buildup, and larger medical packages

  2. Increasingly complex medical records caused by rising costs, an increasing number of types of treatment, and more visits

These challenges hinder the adjuster’s ability to prepare a carefully considered injury evaluation, which, in turn reduces their likelihood of negotiating a favorable injury settlement.  The cost to the insurer is precious time and money.

Casentric has solved this problem, making it even easier for adjusters to resolve claims more successfully. We’ve recently launched a new injury support service that combines our groundbreaking software application, CaseXpert®, with reviews conducted by medically trained personnel to help insurers evaluate and negotiate third party injury claims more accurately and for less money. We also offer to track and monitor injuries, treatments, therapy notes, and bills and provide status updates through CaseXpert®.

CaseXpert® Injury Support™:

  1. Increases employees’ efficiency and productivity

  2. Reduces overhead and settlement expenses

  3. Promotes greater consistency across your adjusters

Injury adjusters can complete a good evaluation in three easy steps:

  1. Refer a new claim through CaseXpert® to CaseXpert® Injury Support™ and furnish all pertinent claim documents for our review through a secure portal.

  2. After CaseXpert® Injury Support™ has completed its review, evaluate the review in CaseXpert® and adjust the claim as the adjuster deems appropriate. Because CaseXpert® supports individual decision-making, adjusters can easily make modifications to reviewed claims and make adjustments to other aspects of the claim, e.g., lost wages or liability.

  3. Resolve the claim with the claimant or her representative.

CaseXpert® Injury Support™ assesses the medical, physical therapy, chiropractic and other records submitted with an injury claim and uses CaseXpert® to organize and analyze the records. By offloading the most complicated and time-consuming work involved in preparing an evaluation to CaseXpert® Injury Support™, your injury adjusters’ time is freed up to focus on negotiating and achieving better claims outcomes.

CaseXpert® Injury Support™ prepares and delivers reports and data on every claim, including:

  1. A case summary that identifies relevant parties, together with arguments and evidence supporting or rebutting the defendant or plaintiff

  2. Annotated medical records that map medical evidence to negotiating points

  3. Repriced bills to ensure a fair cost is considered

  4. In-depth expert medical reports when requested

In addition, Casentric delivers key performance measures weekly to our customers to help them stay on top of performance.

Casentric continues to provide innovative, data-rich solutions to our customers.  Our early customers have been pleased with this new approach.  Please visit our website at www.casentric.comfor more information or contact us at 877.433.4141 or

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